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All Stars Program


The All Stars Program reaches youth during the years of greatest vulnerability to experimenting with alcohol and drugs, fighting and bullying.

All Stars Program is a research and school-based prevention program that matches the social and cognitive development of middle school students.  Specially trained Certified Prevention Specialists meet with students once a week for a semester.  Classroom strategies are designed to deal with the root causes of behavior while establishing positive peer group norms.  Activities and discussions address bullying, tobacco, alcohol and drug use while promoting bonding with family, school and the community. It encourages parents and young people to share their ambitions and responsibilities.

All Stars Program has been proven to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, reduce bullying and fighting by:

  • Building idealism and a belief in the future
  • Establishing positive norms
  • Establishing personal commitments to avoid risky behaviors
  • Promoting bonding to school or the group
  • Promoting positive parental attentiveness

For more information contact Cora Mosley at 817-492-4673 or cmosley@santafeyouth.org