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Our Programs and Services


Santa Fe Youth Services provides evidence-based prevention, intervention and counseling services designed specifically for the social and emotional development of adolescents.

Adolescence provides a window of opportunity for adults to teach, support, and encourage healthy mental and emotional behaviors. This is what Santa Fe Youth Services is about – seizing the opportunity to provide programs designed specifically for positive social and emotional development for young people and their families.

All services are FREE of charge. Our services are funded through a variety of federal, state and county grants, as well as private and foundation donations.

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Community Programs
Offered throughout Tarrant County, services are being provided at schools, churches, community sites, as well as in homes or in our offices. These programs are offered to the public and are provided free of charge to youth and families.


School Based Programs
In collaboration with area school districts, these services are provided in classrooms throughout Tarrant County.

Juvenile Services Programs
These specialized services are provided to youth and families referred by Tarrant County Juvenile Services.