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Reconnecting Youth Program


Reconnecting Youth (RY) is an award-winning high school-based curriculum that uses small group skills training to enhance personal competencies and social support resources.

Reconnecting Youth is a school-based prevention program that helps high school students decrease drug involvement, increase school performance, decrease emotional distress, and reconnect youth to their school culture. Reconnecting Youth Program meets the needs of high school students by helping them develop skills and strategies for dealing with risk factors in four critical areas:

  • At school
  • With peers
  • With self
  • With family

Reconnecting Youth is an approved Texas Education Agency Innovative Course so students receive .5 state elective credit for successfully completing the class. Specially trained Certified Prevention Specialists meet with students daily for one semester and facilitates activities that focus on self-esteem enhancement strategies, decision-making skills, personal control strategies, interpersonal communication techniques, and approaches to reconnect students to their school.

Since 2001, Santa Fe Youth Services has provided the Reconnecting Youth Program to high school students attending the Tarrant County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) and schools through out Tarrant County.

For more information contact Cora Mosley at cmosley@santafeyouth.org or 817-492-4673