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Success Stories

A Change of Heart

Within the first five minutes of the first day of class, I made eye contact with DJ…just before he rolled them in a dramatic expression of “I don’t care about this”.

I knew in that moment that he was going to be one of my favorite challenges.  During the presentation DJ answered all the questions that were asked, quickly and intelligently. Read more

A Second Chance

“I know that I should make the best of what I have, because I may not have it forever.”

My time at DAEP (District Alternative Education Program) is almost up, only two and a half weeks left. I’m pretty excited to go back to my home school, but sad that I am leaving the best RY (Reconnecting Youth) teacher in the world! I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when I get back. I do know for sure that I am not going to drink or use drugs! Read more

Things Get Better

This story is about a client by the name of CJ. CJ is 14 and is in the FIT program for the second time.

CJ has a drug history and a history with his mother, his probation and the school of being a kid who does not take anything seriously and a trouble maker in school. When I first met with CJ he talked about some of his goals and how he wanted a father in his life. He talked about how disappointed he was with his father and how no one believes in him. Read more